Bookish Buys

So, last week I was in the mood for some online shopping so I bought a couple of bookish things to stock up for fall. I didn’t buy a ton of stuff but I thought I’d share my purchases with you to promote some independent booksellers that I love and to show off my new goodies :). So let’s get into it!


Please Go Away, I’m Reading Mug

This mug is made by one of my favorite bookish stores, Bookworm Boutique. It is such a cute little online store and they sell a multitude of super cute bookish products. I got this mug because I find it so #relateable and I love the lavender color. I can’t wait to fill this mug with tea and spend a night in reading a book book.

bookmarks 1

Adventure Time Bookmarks

Okay these are so cute and I love Adventure Time! I was confused at first because the pictures looked like I was ordering two for $2.50 but it was actually one that was double sided. I still love them very much. So it turns out I actually ordered two instead of four so here are the backsides of these fabulous bookmarks;

Aren’t they beautiful ❤

Well I hoped you guys liked my first bookish buys post it was really fun! Let me know about any other bookish products you love in the comments down below!


Madison ❤

p.s sorry i’m posting a little later at night i’ve been pretty busy lately

p.p.s i think i’m gonna put that autumn gif at the top for every post during the fall this year


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