About Me


The Blogger

Hi! I’m Madison and I am absolutely indefinitely obsessed with reading. My favorite genres are YA and fantasy. I also love nature, photography, netflix, and watching travel vlogs on Youtube. While I do not post on this blog consistently I do love it which is why I keep up some very cringey and old posts just for you guys. Please do not take any of the advice I thought I should be giving my sophomore  year high school. Happy trails! Smith College Class of 2021 ❤

The Blog

This blog will include book reviews, book opinions, and anything remotely related to books! I will mostly be reviewing YA books because they are my absolute favorite. If you have any book suggestions just send me a message in the comments section! I hope you like my blog!



“With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?”

-Oscar Wilde


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