It’s Just Ann by Bel Watson

Title: It’s Just Ann

Author: Bel Watson

Published: March 1st, 2015

Genre: YA Contemporary

Rating: 4.5/5

Summary from Wattpad: 

“Let’s get the facts straight. I am no heroine and I will never bring pride to my family. I am what you could call a failure. My grades? Average. My social life? Average. Talents? Hmm… well, I think I have none. I’m not exceptional in any way and I know I’m a disappointment for my father. And in this day and age there’s no way I could just take my father’s place to save him from a horrible fate. There is a huge weight on my shoulders but I can’t carry it no matter how hard I try. I have no idea what I can do, I only know what I can’t do. Yet I still would try anything to make my father proud, even just once. Oh right, I forgot to tell you whom I was name after. Yes, I was named after Mulan, that bright heroine who saved China and brought pride to her family. Talk about big expectations. But Mulan doesn’t suit me, so it’s just Ann.”


I really loved this book I found the book on Wattpad and you can find it here. This book is a part of the “Aware Princess” series which started as a fan-fiction series about One Direction (I was/still am a big Directioner) but morphed into general fiction. This is one of my favorite books and I’m surprised it hasn’t been published yet. The plot is very interesting and dynamic and it explores friendships and familial relationships. It also explores the idea of stepping up in life to meet new challenges such a defeating the huns or taking over your father’s company. What really struck me about this book was how diverse this cast was which I really enjoyed. The author strove to create three-dimensional characters and also made these characters diverse without making them into clichés. The male leads in this were 110% swoon worthy. Can someone please get me a Charlie because he is a dreamboat? This book was fantastic and I would definitely recommend it also it’s very accessible on Wattpad.


Have a wonderful week!


Madison ❤





A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

walk_to_remember_sparks__55199-1332879391-1280-1280Title: A Walk to Remember

Author: Nicholas Sparks

Published:September 1st, 2004

Genre: Romance, Fiction

Rating: 3.8/5


It was 1958 and Landon Carter was spending his time eating peanuts, applying to colleges, and passing time as he finished his last days at Beaumont High School. He never knew that going to Homecoming with Jamie Sullivan, the town’s good girl, would change his life. As, he begins to spend more time with Jamie he begins to understand what it means to do something for someone else. Jamie shows him the depth of the human heart through her daily acts of love and compassion. Landon sees her compassion and begins to wonder if he has fallen in love with Jamie Sullivan.



I know okay I’m a cliché for reading Nicholas Sparks but this book was lovely and sweet and just what I needed after Valentines Day. Landon and Jamie’s story is so cute and incredibly cliché she’s the innocent girl who carries around a bible and he’s the guy who thinks he’s the shit. So, after starting this book I heard from many people that it was incredibly sad but me being a dummy decided “No it couldn’t be sad it’s such a sweet story.” But I was wrong, this is how it happens he says “I love you” and then she says “I’m dying” at this point I am full on bawling and screaming at the book “FUCK YOU NICHOLAS SPARKS!”

So, if your looking for a sweet and sad story read this book but by the end you will want to scream from anguish.



Here’s a song that I think fit the book;

Good Girls– 5 Seconds of Summer

“She’s a good girl
A straight A-student
She’s really into all that self-improvement
I swear she lives in that library
But if you ask her she’ll say,

“That’s where you’ll find me!”

But if you look then you won’t find her there
She may be clever but she just acts too square
‘Cause in the back of the room, where nobody looks,
She’ll be with her boyfriend, she’s not reading books”